Being supported by the top and leading fitness alliances from all of the world who drop by for quarterly fitness supervision visits have given us an edge of withholding a top class Olympic – standard luxury personal training services. That includes giving seminars to our teams, on-going insights to the latest training methods ensuring the finest quality and standards of our services and leaving us with enrichment and progress every time. we aim to help our members achieve their optimum well-being with fulfilling results.

Nutrition and training go hand in hand, and as cliché as it sounds, but “We are what we eat”, Maintaining a high level of fitness requires a good well-prepared nutrition plan. To help each of our members achieve their optimum goals and see better results, we have a team of expertise who pour all their knowledge into tailoring accurate and powerful nutrition plans according to each member after gathering vital information and analysis about their bodies.

Our Team of Nutritionists:

May Morad
Percision nutrition

Rowana Badry
Specialist in sports nutrition

Ahmed Gad
Sports nutrition ISSA

Certified nutrition specialist Mamdouh

Fitness nutrition specialist ACE

Ingy Sewid

Holistic Health Coach/Nutritionist

Ace Fitness Nutrition

A dedicated indoor spacious area with various equipment , that caters for large variety of classes fitting beginners ,intermediates or advanced level of performance .

There’s only so much skill, expression of beauty and creativity to martial arts, taking the practitioner on a lifelong journey toward self-improvement and coordination of mind, body, and soul. We encourage martial arts among adults and children not only for the most obvious reason which is “self-defense”, but for a paved path of character development, boosted confidence, discipline, full-body workouts and reducing stress in the most energetic ways, personal skills, stamina, a mind strong enough to overcome any physical or mental challenges. We have dedicated an outdoor area prepped with matted floors, punch bags and a team of professionals to help you release it all out in the air.

Wondering how you can improve your control, balance, peace, inner awareness and flexibility? Yoga is the answer you’re looking for. We call it the benefit beyond the mat, a retreat from chaos and the blessing of being present in the now. We have dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces for our Yoga classes including Hatha, Vinyasa , Ashtanga and other superior varieties with top notch yoga instructors to help you connect with yourself peacefully

The greatest way for the body to produce endorphins, lose weight, improve the mood and reduce anxiety, is to get that twinkle toe on and shake it all off. You can start with zero experience and leave like a pro with brand new positive and fun skills. We have dedicated an indoor space and collaborated with a dance academy owned by a team of professionals providing different types of dance classes that will leave you confused as to join which. Ready to start dancing?

Tired of weight lifting and you want to try something more intense and mobile? L.I.E.E at LA7 is our answer to you. L.I.F.E. stands for “Longevity In Functional Efficiency”, meaning helping your body function better as a whole, a system of one unit and not just individual parts that work independently, we help you train multiple muscle groups at the same time, using variety in movements, time domains, loading, and repetitions throughout the weeks and months giving attendees a large well rounded, base of fitness. These classes are the core of our facility and no one is too old or out of shape to join this class, everyone is welcomed starting from a beginner to an athlete. We have dedicated an outdoor area for this type of training to ensure the freedom of movement

– We provide every athlete with full biomechanical assessment to help guide them to their desired workout program coordinating with their personal trainer in order to promote their daily function, detect their weakest spots and fill the gap between healthcare and fitness.

– We have an open clinic for consultancy of acute and chronic injuries, pains detecting their root cause, given guidance at early stage usually prevents further complications

– We deal professionally to help people maintain proper structure by introducing the proper function

– Our clinic offers physiotherapy manual treatment with highly trained certified manual therapists to help people heal, get back to their activities of daily livings pain free and be prepared for high impact harder challenges.

– We also provide different types of services such as: cupping, dry needles, Graston techniques, chiropractic, soft tissue release all within a protocol that suits each client particularly.