LA7’s Brand new facility in Arkan


LA7 gym kick started in 2017 with a game changing mindset to start an evolution in the fitness industry, setting new benchmarks for rapid and outstanding physical and mental transformations and with this in mind our locations had to reflect the same values we uphold which is why we’ve established ourselves in top prime locations.

LA7 gym concept being derived from an Olympic champion and the well-established fitness figure, Lazar Angelov upholds our belief that any transformation starts from within, one trains, disciplines, and strengthens the mind first to boost the body’s activity to unlock your highest performance
We strive to influence our clients to do better in all aspects of life as we believe that our membership is not just about a room full equipment. It’s providing a better and healthier lifestyle.


La7 Arkan branch is a unique and powerful branch situated at Arkan which has high end housing premium retail brands and upscale dining spots in the heart of Sheikh Zayed city, Arkan branch was launched in May, 2021.

The branch is spaced over 1650 square meters indoors and another 1800 Square meters outdoors and it is designed to feel like a proper fitness palace. You will get an instant rush of endorphins just by walking through the entire gym all the way from the artistic luxurious entrance and to the meticulously and wholeheartedly designed facilities catered to your every need. Every corner in our spacious hub is equipped with the highest and latest quality machines.

The spacious environment is replete with spectacular city views, including an overlooking rooftop functional area/boxing area and a squash court. La7 Arkan branch is thought out to be one of the best and luxurious fitness facilities in the MENA region with outstanding aesthetics, best professionals in the business and top of the line machinery.




La7 Arkan branch was designed as an all-inclusive fitness haven featuring world class fitness professionals, group fitness classes and nutrition experts with a holistic approach to living a better and a healthier lifestyle. Our group fitness studios are made to inspire performance and passion through the elegant and luxurious designs, top of the line sound system and sophisticated amenities for an outstanding fitness experience.

The entire facility is made of pristine spaces with record high standards in design, cleanliness and functionality. Everything from the walls to the floors and high ceilings is designed with precision and passion to deliver to you the best environment for you to thrive and achieve your goals while maximizing your efforts and leaving you with an unquenched thirst to want more.




Our fitness professionals are handpicked of the best talent in the industry with world renowned athletic backgrounds, years and years’ worth of experience and an unlimited supply of passion that drive them to help you transform.

Our coaches are driven by results and thrive through transformation! Through our personal training experience, you and your chosen trainer will find a goal together, plan out your journey and adjust along the way however long it takes to reach that goal. Our coaches make sure their tailored plan for you is backed up by science! As a staff collectively we always stay updated with the best absolute practices to make your entire experience here pleasurable, effective and FUN!




La7 Arkan branch is an unrivaled experience delivering the essential elements of well-being holistically through an exceptionally luxurious facility, innovative classes, world renowned fitness professionals and a mind blowing relentless mentality to inspire passion and change lives. It is a one of a kind outstanding experience that can change your life. Our goal wasn’t just to build you a place to train, our goal and our efforts will always be maximized towards building a health conscious community that transforms and grow every single day through constant support and motivation.