It was off to a great start back in 2017 when we launched our very first branch, LA7’s first landmark, our New Giza branch. Situated in the most prime location on Cairo’s west side with a convenient distance to all main roads. Our New Giza branch is a totally different experience being located in a sports club, it gave it a certain standard and persona with a cozy and family feel. With greeneries, a football field and a running track circling around it.
The branch includes two spacious indoor floors spanning across 740 SQM and an outdoor functional area of 550 SQM along with a welcoming ground floor with a club twist booth offering a wide variety of fresh healthy drinks and snacks with a fully equipped locker rooms and recovery rooms.

Opening Hours: 06 AM – 12 PM

PHONE: +20 111 811 9701
Address: Cairo- Alexandria desert road, Inside NEWGIZA sports club