A unique and powerful branch situated at one of the very famous hang out places in 6th of October, The New Arkan Mall extension. Arkan branch was launched in May,2021 .
The branch is over 1650 square meters indoors and another 1800 Square meters outdoors and it is designed to feel like a proper fitness high ceiling palace. You will get an instant rush of endorphins just by walking through the entire gym all the way from the artistic luxurious entrance and to the meticulously and wholeheartedly designed facilities catering to your every need. Every corner in our spacious hub is equipped with the highest and latest quality machines The spacious environment is replete with spectacular city views, including an overlooking rooftop functional area/boxing area and a squash court .

Opening Hours: 06 AM – 12 PM

PHONE: +20 115 449 9747
Address:Plot 31, In front of Zayed 2000, 6th of October, 12588 
Email: la7arkan@la7gym.com